JSAR publishes both peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed manuscripts ranging from academic research papers to book reviews and opinion articles. Submissions on all search and rescue disciplines are welcome. Manuscript submissions are double-blind peer-reviewed.

Email manuscripts to along with all supporting graphics.

Peer Reviewed Manuscripts

Template: It is highly recommended that you use the provided JSAR template.

Deadlines: JSAR is published approximately twice a year, subject to demand. Additional issues may be released as required or for special topics.

Originality: Contributions should be original and not published or submitted for publication in any other journal, electronic or otherwise.


  • Microsoft Word Document without editing restrictions
  • 10pt Arial font for content
  • 8pt Arial for author post-nominal
  • 1.5pt line spacing
  • No text columns
  • Margins all sides – 2.54cm
  • Justified text alignment for content
  • Centre alignment for headings
  • No indentations for content (except for bibliography)
  • Tables and Illustrations as per APA 6th
  • About the Authors section must be included


  • UK (preferable) or US English, but not a combination of both.
  • Preference for metric SI units, however other units are acceptable with the metric conversion in brackets.

Word Limit:

  • Minimum 2,500
  • Maximum 7,500 unless approved by Editor In Chief

Referencing Style: APA 6th. For further information visit the APA Style website.

Abstract & Keywords:

Authors are requested to supply an abstract of about 100 words when submitting an article. The abstract should be a condensed, accurate representation of the rationale, methodology, significant results, discussion and conclusions obtained within the article.

Authors should also provide 4 – 5 keywords that clearly describe the subject matter of the article. Key words will serve to advise readers of the content and will be used by the editor to facilitate the organization of the content of each edition of the journal.

Contact Information:

Authors should supply an email address to facilitate contact and requests for information. In the case of multiple-authored papers, one author should be designated to receive communication. Their email address should accompany their submission. As an electronic journal, reprints will not be provided in the accepted sense. Authors wishing to distribute copies of their article may do so with the proviso that they clearly acknowledge the source of the publication in any copy distributed.

Figures & Tables:

Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively, referring to them as “Figure 1″ or “Table 1″, etc. using Arabic numerals. Notation on tables and figures should be inserted into the text at an appropriate position within the paper. Each table and figure should possess a brief title and a concise description of its content. Care should be taken to ensure that tables and figures will be viewable within the limitations of web browsers. These should be supplied as high quality images inserted/embedded into the word file. Tables shall only have grey scale borders/colours.


Supplied images must be of reasonable quality and resolution for online display. All images must be free of copyright restrictions and have the creator’s written permission, where not that of the author.

Ethical Approval

Authors must ensure their research conforms to appropriate ethical approval guidelines. In most cases, such research should be supervised by a competent body – such as a University, Teaching Hospital, or other educational institution.

The Journal of Search and Rescue cannot provide ethical approval for any research.

Non Peer Reviewed Manuscripts

JSAR now is open to publish articles not subject to formal academic peer review, such as:

  • opinion articles
  • commentaries
  • book reviews
  • course reviews
  • letters to the editor

Send directly to Submissions will be reviewed, clearly marked as not peer reviewed in the issue,  and accepted at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief or delegate.