Phases of a Rescue Organisation

Editorial by Greatbatch, I (Not peer reviewed) Introduction As a result of my research and day job, I speak to volunteers and professionals in theSAR and emergency sectors daily and hear frequent tales of practitioners commonlygoing the extra mile, performing heroic rescues, working with their communities tomake them safer and working far beyond what they … Read more

Emergency Urban Search

Nikola Dourtchev, Mark Witkowski, James Mardell and Robert Spence Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Imperial College London United Kingdom Email: Abstract The use of a video camera to support search immediately raises the question “for target location,what is the most effective way of presenting video camera output to a human observer (‘spotter’)”. … Read more

Factors Influencing the Performance of Visual Distress Signals

John D Bullough PhD FIESLighting Research CenterRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteUSAEmail Abstract The present paper summarizes efforts undertaken to review the performance characteristics of visualdistress signals using light emitting diodes that might replace pyrotechnic-based flare distress signalsin the future. Field photometric measurements were made on board a rescue vessel and near theshore at a coastal … Read more

Raft on a Highline: Loads and Trim

Chris Onions MResR3 Safety & Rescue LtdGlyndyfyrdwyCorwenLL21 9HH Loel Collins DProf PGCertInstitute of Coaching and PerformanceUniversity of Central LancashirePrestonPR1 2HE Email Abstract This study examines the loads associated with the positioning of a 4.5m raft on a high line in movingwater. Testing was conducted within a flow-calibrated channel demonstrating representative streamvelocities typical (0.6 … Read more