Phases of a Rescue Organisation

Editorial by Greatbatch, I (Not peer reviewed) Introduction As a result of my research and day job, I speak to volunteers and professionals in theSAR and emergency sectors daily and hear frequent tales of practitioners commonlygoing the extra mile, performing heroic rescues, working with their communities tomake them safer and working far beyond what they … Read more

Volume 3, Issue 1 “UAVs for Wilderness SAR: Real World Considerations & Technology Roadmap For Fixed Wing UAVs” Bashyam and Guggenheim

Effects of Exertion and Distractions on Search Efficiency in Riverine Search and Rescue (SAR)

Hannah J. Moir, PhD 1, Alex Tasker, PhD 2,3, Christopher C.F. Howe, MSc 1 & Ian Greatbatch, PhD41School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Chemistry, Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care & Education, Kingston University, London, UK2The Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex, UK3Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences, University College … Read more