The Search Intelligence Process Using Artificial Intelligence

Young, S, Kurfess, F & Bloom, G


Intelligence is a process by which certain types of information/data are aquired or requested by those directing a missing person incident. The process continues by rallying teams of resources to collect, process and exploit, analyze and produce useful information that can then be disseminated and integrated into actionable plans.

Traditionally the collection, processing, exploitation, analysis, and production has been done by hand on paper and sorted by experienced search leaders and training of the human brain. However, what if this work could be done by computers and artificial intelligence? This is the hypothesis we are exploring through a privately funded university effort. The “Artificial Intelligence for Search and Rescue” is a project with goals to use AI and related computational methods and tools to support Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. This project is a collaboration with California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) Computer Science and Software Engineer Department Dr. Franz Kurfess, undergraduate and graduate students in alliance with alumnus Gary Bloom and Christopher Young both experienced search and rescue incident managers. The project began in the summer of 2021 through privately funded research, senior projects, and class projects.

This paper is Part 1 and will describe the initial work included the collecting and consolidating the pertinent mechanisms for storing and processing data and the research of the potential artificial intelligence options. Part 2 will describe the final product after lab/field testing and refinements.

KEY WORDS: Intelligence Gathering, Missing Person, Interviewing.

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