The Search Intelligence Process

Christopher S. Young Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Team Chairman Bay Area Search and Rescue Council (BASARC) USA



The Search Intelligence Process of gathering information regarding the missing subject occurs during every search incident. We recognize intelligence information is used to build a subject profile; gather lists of people with first-hand knowledge of the missing subject that we want to talk to; develop scenarios; and task investigators to research and mine information from various sources, like social media or cell phone data, to determine where to look and what to look for.

However, during the initial stage of an active search for a missing person, intelligence gathering can be very daunting, chaotic, haphazard or worse not initiated thus delaying the compiling of crucial information that could shorten the time it takes to locate the subject. In any other aspect of the search operation like ground searching or technical rope rescue we preplan, train and develop processes to be more efficient.

This presentation will discuss the search intelligence process by: defining the various sources of information available to use developing pre-plans for the gathering of intelligent information, developing decision trees, developing lists of reflex tasks, developing algorithms for transitioning between the initial actions into multiple operational periods and eventually to the termination of search operations, and develop ongoing training curricula with the goal of creating efficiencies and hone the necessary skills to perform the intelligence gathering process.

KEY WORDS: Intelligence Gathering, Missing Person, Interviewing.

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