Book Review: Billy, A. 2020. NORTH SHORE RESCUE: If You Get Lost Today, Will Anyone Know?

Ross Peterson,Former member North Shore Rescue This book will be of interest to all those engaged or interested in volunteer search and rescue. Although thebook focusses on one team – North Shore Rescue (NSR) in British Columbia – the issues, stories,frustrations, and humour described herein will be recognized by those in other areas. Allen … Read more

ECHO: Developing a multi-hazard incident risk assessment tool for swiftwater and flood rescue

Steve Glassey Country Fire Authority Victoria, Australia Email: [THIS ARTICLE WAS NOT PEER REVIEWED, BUT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED AS A COMMUNICATION OF RESEARCH] Abstract Currently there is no multi-hazard risk assessment tool for determining the level of complexity to swiftwater and flood rescue incidents. Traditionally, the International Scale of River Difficulty is used … Read more

Object recognition and detection: Potential implications from vision science for wilderness searching

Stephen McClanahan PhD WEMT From Search and Rescue Ohio and Mountaineer Area Rescue Group, USA Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference Email Abstract Field searching relies heavily on human vision and the ability to recognize objects that are out of place in their environment. Searchers seek to continually improve their ability to detect clues. … Read more