Comparing Insole Length with Outsole Measurements

Speiden, R & Serrano, JM


SAR resources, including visual trackers, conduct missions for thousands of missing persons every year. These missing persons, who may be wearing footwear, usually own additional pairs. To aid with track interpretation and possibly expedite finding the person, trackers can glean useful information from the other samples.
Relationships between footwear measurements are described for four parameters: insole length, outsole length, outsole width, and heel width. Insole lengths vary less than outsole lengths for individuals. The outsole length, outsole width, and heel width portray linear relationships to insole length with excellent, fair, and poor reliability: R2 = 0.95, 0.84, and 0.65, respectively. The results of these findings provide footwear dimension predictions and offer benefits for clue interpretation.

KEYWORDS: Search and Rescue, Tracking, Footwear, Tracks, Dimensions

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  1. Seminal research displayed here for trackers and clue-aware searchers. Practical use of the research can be the next paper where real-world scenarios prove the theory.


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