Quick Release Harnesses; Loads on a High Line

Allfree, S, Collins, L & Onions,C



This study examines the loads associated with positioning a Rescuer on a Quick Release Harness (QRH) on a high line in moving water. Testing was conducted at water speeds of 0.6 – 2.4m/s, typical of those encountered during water related rescues. A Rescue Randy Combat Challenge Manikin (65kg) was positioned on a QRH from a high line and an in-line load cell utilised to collect force/time data. The findings identify operational water speeds for positioning Rescuers in water using a QRH. The study contributes to the work by Onions and Collins in their earlier investigations and the understanding the loads placed on high lines during rescues by the emergency services.

Key Words: Quick Release Harness, swift-water rescue, water rescue

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